Glen Alexander – A Life Ended Too Soon Part III

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“When I Found Him”

It was about 6:30 AM.  I was so glad Glen had stopped moaning and hoped he was feeling better.  I picked up his glass and mug that he had kicked over and brought them to the kitchen.  I went back in his room to check on him.  I noticed he had removed all his clothing and was now laying sideways, on his stomach, across his bed.  When I came in this time, I looked at his back and realized he was not breathing.  I stood there paralyzed thinking, Oh God please no, please no!  Please say it isn’t true.  I finally reached out and touch him and he was already cold and hard to the touch.  I flipped out and ran to the kitchen, yelling to my daughter Alison that Glen was dead!  Then I fell to my knees and cried out, “My son, my son, Oh God, please not my son”.  Then I went back into Glen’s room and laid next to him.  I stroked his hair, until the police and paramedics told me I had to leave.  I felt like it was a bad dream.  I wanted to go back and relive that last day.

Now I want to share Glen’s story with all of you that still have that last day.  Please if there is any doubt that your loved one need’s medical attention call 911.  I don’t think Glen knew he was dying.  He probably thought it was side affects from doing drugs he wasn’t use to.  Maybe he thought it would be another waste of money to call an ambulance.  Maybe he didn’t want me to know that he did heroin and meth.  These were drugs he swore he would never do.  I will never know what went on in Glen’s mind that final day.  Now I realize I was watching my son die that last day.  I will never stop wishing I would have called 911.

Glen was pronounced dead by paramedics on Friday morning, July 2, 2010.

Glen and Chocolate

The autopsy revealed that the secondary cause of death was that Glen had an enlarged heart.  His brother Steven said, “He wasn’t surprised to hear that.  He always knew Glen had a big heart”.

I prayed for years that God would watch over Glen and take care of him.  I had hoped to help Glen here on earth, but God had a different plan for Glen.  God in His mercy left me Glen’s notes he wrote after his motorcycle accident in 2008.   Reading Glen’s notes help to heal my broken heart.  Heaven looks better to me now more than ever before.  I loved Glen so much and he loved me. I am so proud to be his mom. The memory of Glen continues to remain with me always.

Glen was searching for a purpose in his life and wondered why he was ever born. He could never understand why I tried so hard to help him, and thought I was wasting my time.  I could only see all he had to offer.


Some Clips from Glen’s notes he wrote after his motorcycle accident in 2008:


“God, I concede this time to become closer to You.”


“I want You to be strong within me.  Forgive me Father for I have sinned.  I’m asking You God, give me strength to fulfill your word.  I need help.  I want You in my heart where ever I go.  Shield me from evil.  Give me life.  I’m not truly happy without You.”


“Life’s too short to not do the things you love.  Sometimes the worst thing is the best thing.  It shows you reality.”


“Life is full of ups and downs.  How you deal with downs will prepare you to  do well.”


“Even though I was doing wrong.  Let me heal O Lord.  Give me life.  Show me the way.”


“You don’t always get what you want.  But if you try, sometimes, you get what you need.”


“I asked, if there is a God show me!  This prayer felt strong in my heart.  I trusted in You.  You didn’t let me down.”


“Let me clear my head.

Rest my eyes.

Bless my family and friends.

Because they got me.

‘No worries mate’.

Let Your light shine.  God bless.

I’m sorry mom.  Let me shine.  Patience is love.”


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This story was shared with our organization through the incredible bravery of Glen’s Mother.  We want people to be aware that medications can be addictive and deadly.  We encourage anyone who is concerned about a loved one to seek help for OxyContin addiction immediately before it is to late.