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OxyContin is a prescription medication that was created to manage pain. This medication was created with the best of intentions and may benefit many.

Unfortunately, it has also ruined thousands of lives because of it’s addictive nature.

Whether or not the person who becomes addicted to OxyContin is originally prescribed the medication or obtains it illegally, the end result is that OxyContin addiction is physically and mentally debilitating and  has led to thousands of overdoses.  It has been well documented that OxyContin users in the U.S. have been gravitating to heroin to achieve the same “high” once OxyContin becomes too expensive or difficult to obtain.


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Learn More About the OxyContin Epidemic:
Watch Vanguard’s Special “The OxyContin Express – An expose on the rampant abuse of OxyContin in the American Heartland

Watch A&E’s Special “Heroin Hits Home” – This show chronicles the transition many teens and twenty somethings are making from OxyContin to intravenous heroin use.

It is time to Stop OxyContin abuse.

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