Biden Reduces Barriers With New Opioid MAT Guidance

Late last month, the Biden administration took action to significantly reduce barriers to one of the most effective opioid treatments, a Medication-Assisted Treatment known by the name Suboxone or buprenorphine. With the new guidelines, there will be significantly fewer requirements for medical professionals to help people with opioid addiction. The new policy will give more people access to safe and effective treatment to help them get sober. It will help people who live in rural areas without drug treatment centers, too.

Reduced MAT Training Requirement

Prior requirements for prescribing medication like Suboxone were stringent. A doctor had to take a 30-hour training course and become recertified every year. Doctors also had to ensure the patient went to treatment or therapy as a requirement for MAT. Some doctors felt like they were forced to be treatment counselors, a burden that made …

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A Look at Emerging Technologies in Opiate Addiction Treatment

Effective treatment for opiate addiction requires more than just a cessation of the drugs’ intake.

However, as insidious as OxyContin (and other opioids like heroin) have become, we need to take advantage of every scientific and medical development we possibly can to give men and women the best chance at recovery.

Enter Vivitrol shots and Probuphine (Suboxone) implants.

As an improvement over the tried and true (and outdated) methadone maintenance program, Vivitrol and Suboxone allow for the curbing of cravings and even (in Vivitrol’s case) prevent the euphoria of taking opiates like OxyContin.

Obviously, the main downfall to such medications are that since they have traditionally been prescribed as tablets that are taken daily, for someone to miss a dose (accidentally or otherwise) opens up the risk for a relapse on an opioid that could be life threatening.

The Vivitrol …

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