Meet the New Killer – Same as the Old Killer

Obituary writers, morticians, crime scene detectives and the like should familiarize themselves with this phrase: “death was caused by fatal overdose of OxyNEO.”

Purdue Pharma has shown what a powerful marketing strategy team you can hire when you profit mightily off of destroying thousands of families by marketing a drug like OxyContin a.ka. “legal heroin”.

Purdue Pharma Murderers
Introducing the New Killer: OxyNEO

The latest ploy the PR wizards at Purdue Pharma have announced is the discontinuation of OxyContin in 2012 and the launch of OxyNEO. Hmm, wonder if this will fool anyone as the drug continues to be abused and cause addiction and overdose well into the future.

We have been covering the destructive swath OxyContin has carved through the heartland of America including reporting on Purdue Pharma’s halfhearted attempts to minimize the damage by releasing sticky OxyContin that was supposedly harder to abuse (but still just as easy to abuse by taking it orally – which is why the new formulation of OxyContin was not met with much enthusiasm).

Here are some fast facts about OxyNEO:
  • OxyNEO will still be made of active ingredient oxycodone
  • OxyNEO will not have an antagonist (to block the ‘high’) so it will still be easily abused
  • OxyNEO will still be addictive
  • OxyNEO will still cause overdoses every hour in the united States and destroy families
  • OxyNEO will still lead to heroin addiction
  • Purdue Pharma will still profit off of addiction and overdose
  • Purdue Pharma will still be responsible for ruining lives by marketing this drug