Sticky Oxycontin Formulation Very Controversial Among Patients

There has been an ongoing debate about whether or not OxyContin should even be legal (in our opinion: no).

But, many who depend on this medication are in pain and subject to unbearable withdrawals and overwhelming suffering if the drug is not taken regularly.

Enter Sticky OxyContin.

Purdue Pharma has implemented a new “harder to abuse” version of OxyContin called “sticky OxyContin.”  The drug is supposedly tamper resistant so that it can be difficult or impossible to snort or inject.

Medical patients who rely on OxyContin and use it legitimately (orally and according to dosage guidelines) claim the drug does not have the same painkilling effect as previous formulations of OxyContin. Others, who abuse the drug have taken to discussing the methods by which they can still abuse the drug.  You can see some discussion in the comments section of this web page about tamper resistant OxyContin.

Most likely the drug will be more difficult to abuse and this is a good thing.  The potential downside to this is if the drug’s difficulty to abuse leads users to seek out alternatives to get “high,” namely heroin.