Purdue Pharma Guilty Parties: Where Are They Now

Purdue Pharma Logo

A great article in Oregon’s Salem News online resource points out some of the latest about Purdue Pharma’s guilty former top execs. This article, written by Marianne Skolek, is a good look at the reality of corporate white collar criminals and their lack of accountability for the lives they have ruined.

The article reminds us that these men were the subject of a criminal investigation regarding their involvement in developing and unleashing the most deadly narcotic painkiller every legally sold in the United States: OxyContin.

Howard Udell

Howard Udell supposedly has “retired as a Purdue Pharma employee” but he does work as a Consultant for Purdue “on certain matters.”  His email address is UdellLawOffice@pharma.com and his office sits in Purdue Pharma’s building.

Dr. Paul D. Goldenheim

Dr. Paul D. Goldenheim is now on the board of NeuroPhage board of directors.  NeuroPhage is a company that develops treatment for Alzheimer’s.

Dr. Paul D. Goldenheim has formerly pleaded guilty to “misbranding OxyContin.”

Michael Friedman

Michael Friedman, the former president of Purdue Pharma and the only information that is given in the article is that he is a supporter of a heavy metal group called Deathalizer.

We thank Marianne Skolek for continuing the monitoring of these men who played a part in the deadly propagation of “legal heroin” or OxyContin.  You can read an excellent article about where her motivation comes from by visiting this NJ.com blog entry.