Positive News on the Opiate Crackdown in Ohio

In an article forwarded to us (6 men charged in Ohio Pill Mill Ring) , we see that Ohio is doing their part to crackdown on the OxyContin epidemic.  Authorities in Ohio are prosecuting six people involved in a pill mill in Waverly.  This is encouraging because you can read how unsavory the behaviors of the pill mill operators were:

The indictment alleges that the clinic was owned and operated by Nancy and Lester Sadler and Lisa Clevenger. The clinic operated as a “pill mill” by selling prescriptions for controlled substances (usually oxycodone), without a legitimate medical need for the prescriptions.

Many of the prescriptions were openly sold and diverted. Blank prescriptions forms were sold so the buyer could use or resell the prescriptions.

Additionally, the defendants allegedly created fake medical records and prescriptions for individuals who were not actual customers of the clinic in order to divert additional prescriptions.

The defendants also allegedly used Banks’ DEA registration number and fake names to order large quantities of controlled substances, primarily hydrocodone.

The indictment alleges that most of the ordered pills were then diverted by the defendants to their own use, the use of employees of the clinic, or for resale to drug dealers.

Nice, right?  We are glad to see the action that police  are taking in Ohio and hope that there is a lot more to come.

Thanks to Traci who forwarded this to us – she is a member of a new (soon to be formally announced) anti-OxyContin activist group.  Stay tuned for that.