Poignant Story from Poway, California

This is a tough one to read.  In an article in the Poway Patch, a story of a brave survivor of an overdose is told.

Aaron Rubin survived an OxyContin overdose and still goes back to Poway High to speak with the students about the dangers of experimenting with drugs.

The thing is, that Aaron is confined to home care as he cannot walk or talk.

Poway High (like any high school) is no stranger to the dangers of drug abuse.  Days before school started, a sophomore died from a drug overdose, and in 2007 another grad died from an OxyContin overdose.

Poway High School

The article goes on to cite statistics the likes of which we often show here.  They highlight the deadly growth of prescription drug use by teens and how parents often contribute to the problem by not confronting their teens.

But today we would like to focus on the bravery of Aaron Rubin who shares the same message as this website: OxyContin can ruin lives.