Score One for the Good Guys – One Less “Pill Mill” in Florida

Although we predict that the source for illegal Oxys and Vicodin pills will gravitate to our neighbors to the north and south, it is really good to see a criminal “doctor” go down.

Drug. Dealer.

An excellent article on Fox News gives a first person account of the “takedown” of one Dr. Jeffrey Lipman and the Midtown Medical Clinic.

The article describes the interrogation of the patients-in-waiting  and some shocking descriptions of Midtown’s policies.

For instance, patients pre-paid in cash for their doctor visit – a requirement to be a patient of Midtown. Another places that “cash only up front” is required is by drug dealers who sell crack and heroin on the streets of our cities. Well, one of the reasons that Midtown was on the authorities’ radar was that customers were shooting up the OxyContin pills right in the parking lot – much to the chagrin of neighbors.

What will happen to Dr. Jeffrey Lipman.  We will follow up but the most significant penalty is that (if convicted)  he will be stripped of his DEA prescribing ID. Will he do prison time? Possible, but not likely.  The laws and regulations have not caught up with the deadly swath that prescription drug manufacturers have blazed through our society.

Good Job Florida

We’re not going to use this opportunity to beat down Florida for having policies that allow it to single handedly supply much of the United States with OxyContin. Instead, we’ll just thank Florida for the good job they did this week and wish them many speedy returns to the offices of corrupt physicians.


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