CVS Blacklists Florida Doctors Who Write Too Many Painkiller Prescriptions

In a move that could set a nationwide precedent, CVS recently sent letters to a group of high-prescribing Florida doctors advising them that the company’s pharmacies will no longer fill their prescriptions for painkillers and other dangerous drugs.  According to the Orlando Sentinel, the action has been described as blacklisting by some of the doctors and at least one doctor who received a letter has responded with legal action against CVS.

In a prepared statement, CVS stated that it informed a small group of Florida doctors that their prescriptions for Schedule II narcotics will no longer be filled.  The company was not specific about how many doctors have been notified but stated that the action was taken in the interest of keeping controlled substances out of the wrong hands and preventing drug abuse.  CVS operates more than 700 pharmacies in …

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Second Drug Company Commits to Addictive TD Hydrocodone Painkiller

A second drug company has announced plans to market a powerful new form of hydrocodone.  Teva Pharmaceuticals, based in Israel, is predicting that sales of its TD Hydrocone could increase its revenue by up to $500 million within one or two years. Teva is joining San Diego based Zogenix who are planning to launch the drug under the brand name Zohydro.

The new super painkiller will contain more than four times the amount of hydrocodone found in a single Vicodin tablet.  Many experts fear that competition between pharmaceutical makers to get the powerful new drug to the market will add to the nation’s prescription drug abuse epidemic.  There is also concern about lawmakers that this new drug could create a new class of drug abusers and fuel the prescription drug black market.
According to Teva, TD Hydrocodone contains a 12-hour …

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Addictive Painkillers Bring Crime to the Corner Pharmacy

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has reported that armed robberies of pharmacies across the nation increased 51% between 2006 and 2010.  According to DEA spokesperson Rusty Payne, addiction to prescription drugs like DEA has fueled the surge in drug store crimes.  The desire to obtain drugs by people who are addicted and by drug dealers who traffic in black market pharmaceuticals has brought violent crime to the corner drug store.  In some cases, pharmacists are arming themselves with guns.

MSNBC reports that pharmacy thieves are overwhelmingly targeting oxycodone painkillers like OxyContin and Roxicodone and hydrocone-based pain pills like Vicodin and Norco.  Both oxycodone and hydrocodone are highly addictive.
Although most drug store robbers don’t hurt anyone during the commission of their crime, the risk of violence seems to be increasing.  These are some of the more shocking pharmacy crimes of …

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California Doctor known as “Candy Man” Arrested for Drug Trafficking

It appears that yet another doctor has placed the desire to make money by trafficking in prescription painkillers like OxyContin above the welfare of his patients.  Dr. Julio Diaz, a Santa Barbara physician who has been linked to at least a dozen drug overdose deaths in recent years, was recently taken into custody at his home by local police and federal authorities from the DEA.  The charges against him include felony drug trafficking. The 63-year-old doctor had been the subject of an ongoing investigation for allegedly prescribing addictive prescription medication to patients who had no medical need for the drugs.  He was known on the street as “Candy Man” because he had a reputation for freely dispensing prescription drugs.  His reputation was so widespread that people drove hundreds of miles to his Family Medical Clinic to obtain drugs.  An…
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Painkiller Advocacy Group has Ties to Drugmakers

The American Pain Foundation (APF) describes itself as an advocacy organization for patient pain relief. The non-profit foundation promotes the message that the threat of addiction to prescription painkillers has been exaggerated and pain medication is underused. A non-profit news organization named ProPublica has investigated the American Pain Foundation and found that almost 90% of the group’s $5 million in funding in 2010 came from pharmaceutical companies. One of these companies is Purdue Pharma, maker of OxyContin.

The views promoted by APF are in contrast to reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that more than 15,000 people die each year from overdoses of opioid painkillers like OxyContin. The CDC has called the painkiller situation an epidemic and a growing group of experts question the effectiveness of these drugs.

Although Will Rowe, chief executive of the APF, …

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Overtaken – Unbelievably Powerful Documentary Now Online

This documentary is the kind of project that embodies what our website is all about.

The movie “Overtaken” is a tour de force that will shock viewers into contemplating drug use and it’s effect on society.  As we  meet charming teen after teen who discuss how drugs derailed their lives, the viewer cannot help but feel moved and outraged that not more awareness is being given to this epidemic.

We started StopOxy in 2009 to bring awareness to the OxyContin epidemic.  To see such a stirring portrayal of the effects of drug use on teens gives us hope that the message will be heard and that change is in the works.

We feel that everyone – from teens to grandparents – should see this film.  Anyone who comes in contact with an at risk teen has the chance to help …

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Quote About Florida – Completely Out of Control

Just going to make this short and sweet today:

U.S. Attorney Wifredo Ferrer stated, “According to recent estimates, Florida prescribes ten times more oxycodone pills than all other states combined.”




From government DEA Website link.

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Purdue Pharma Executives Fight OxyContin Sentence

In a time of upheaval in our society, this case could be seen as an opportunity for our judicial system to “walk the talk” of our Government’s recent claims to be enforcing Corporate Responsibility.

In 2007, three top executives at Purdue Pharma (maker of OxyContin) were criminally charged for their role in the marketing of the addictive narcotic painkiller.  The executives were each convicted of a criminal misdemeanor under a somewhat obscure law known as the “responsible corporate officer” doctrine and could have faced a year in prison.  Instead, former CEO Michael Friedman, former medical director Paul Goldenheim and former general counsel Howard Udell agreed to deals that included three years of probation and fines totaling $34.5 million.


As part of their plea bargain, the Purdue Pharma trio also agreed to a sanction prohibiting them from doing business with …

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California’s Prescription Monitoring System Threatened by Budget Cuts

Two of the biggest cases of prescription drug diversion in California weren’t broken open by detective work alone.  Dr. Lisa Barden, an obstetrician from the Coachella Valley, stole patients’ identities to fuel her own prescription drug addiction.  Dr. Nazar Al Bussam, was the top provider of illegal prescription drugs in Southern California for three years.  Both doctors were arrested after being flagged by California’s prescription drug monitoring system.

California’s system, known as the Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System (CURES), is the oldest drug monitoring program in the nation. Read more about CURES at the State of California Department of Justice Website. At a time when prescription drug abuse is at an all-time high, California Governor Jerry Brown is threatening to shut down the system in response to budget cuts.  According to authorities, future investigations into unethical doctors and …

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Peoria Illinois Weighs in on the Havoc Wreaked by Opiates

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A good article in the Peoria County Star highlights the deadly spread of opiate abuse in what is perceived as an “all american” city.

Opiates abuse, which the article refers to as “a scary trend,” is way up in Peoria and Dr. George Hevesy says he is concerned about doctors over prescribing narcotic painkiller drugs like Vicodin, OxyContin, and Percodan.

We have been covering the painkiller epidemic for a while now and it is our goal to bring awareness on as many fronts as possible .  Add Peoria, Illinois to the list of cities that are being negatively impacted by the “silent epidemic” of prescription drug abuse.…

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