Three New Articles Highlight Oxy’s Damage Coast to Coast

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A look at some OxyContin in the headlines from coast to coast United States:

1. Cape Cod in Massachusetts

An article on BehavioralHealthCentral shows how middle/upper class Cape Cod is affected by OxyContin.  Using a young girl Lauren as a case study, the article chronicles the increasingly common tale of a young person becoming addicted to opiates.

On the outside, Lauren was a sweet, caring, and intelligent young women who often put her community first.  She loved animals and portrayed herself as a composed person who loved life.  Lauren hoped to be a clinical psychologist one day.

But just like many young people, Lauren was introduced to prescription drugs.  She soon became an addict, which can easily happen to so many, and it soon lead to her downfall.  In July of 2009, Lauren was arrested for percocet possession.  Her family …

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Today is International Drug Overdose Awareness Day

We love to see the Salvation Army starting an International Overdose Awareness Day.

This day is not so much about specifically OxyContin overdose (or the heroin that many users of Oxys end up abusing), but just overdoses in general.

This site was started due to the overdoses we witnessed.  If it were not for the grief that we witnessed from the families and friends of those who became ensnared in opiate addiction, we would not have been compelled enough to undertake this.

The Salvation Army has a touching page of tributes which are moving to read.  I don’t see anywhere to add them.  Since this site is inundated with spam comments I recommend leaving a tribute (should you feel the need to) on this treatment center blog article about Awareness Day.

Today we would like to take this opportunity to

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Doda (or Dode) – Addictive Opiate is Sold in Teas

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We have yet another substance to fear  – Doda.  Doda is an opiate that is made by crushing up poppies and is sold as a tea primarily in Asian Communities.

We know how harmless experimentation with OxyContin often leads to heroin addiction and overdose… now we have yet another “harmless substance” (tea) that will no doubt ensnare some users to become dependent enough to seek out harder drugs  like OxyContin and heroin.

The drug is sold in retail outlets in Canada and is popular in the Asian community.  Officials are concerned that users are not aware that what they are consuming is illegal and addictive.

The police have begun to crack down on Doda.  We learned about this new opiate by reading this article  from a treatment center for doda (and other opiates).…

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OxyContin Recovery and Following the Trail of Money

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As we have written about in detail for the life of this blog, OxyContin ruins the lives of many Americans each year.  This comes as no surprise, as the main ingredient in the narcotic painkiller gives the same euphoria as heroin.

Punishing the Doctor

One Manitoba doctor lost his job as a result of prescribing OxyContin irresponsibly.  Now he is back on the job, which raises concerns, according to a recent report by the Edmonton Journal (an online publication of the Winnipeg Press). Dr. Anthony Hlynka, the prescribing doctor, was also reported to have prescribed Percocet, paying little regard to the dangers of this substance and OxyContin.

Following the Trail of Money

The continued legality of OxyContin is a cause for major concern.  You can find many websites that detail the drug and tell you how to get a prescription …

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New Articles Highlight the Deadly Rise of OxyContin in NorCal

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We just were scanning the news for the latest on the OxyContin epidemic in the United States and we saw two separate articles that:

  • have very similar story lines
  • were published almost simultaneously(one day apart)
  • occur in Northern California
  • focus on the misconception that “legal” drugs are not deadly

OxyContin: a Silent Growing Problem Among Youths

This story,  from the Contra Costa Times, shows a tragic tale of a young man who took an overdose of OxyContin while on campus at Arizona State University.

In Northern California, middle and upper class neighborhoods are particularly prone to OxyContin and other prescription drug addiction because “access to medical care may be greater, and acceptance of hard street drugs lower.”

Teens, Young Adults Abuse OxyContin in Northern California

This story also focuses on the “generation of kids that said ‘no’ to marijuana and …

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Purdue Pharma Guilty Parties: Where Are They Now

A great article in Oregon’s Salem News online resource points out some of the latest about Purdue Pharma’s guilty former top execs. This article, written by Marianne Skolek, is a good look at the reality of corporate white collar criminals and their lack of accountability for the lives they have ruined.

The article reminds us that these men were the subject of a criminal investigation regarding their involvement in developing and unleashing the most deadly narcotic painkiller every legally sold in the United States: OxyContin.

Howard Udell

Howard Udell supposedly has “retired as a Purdue Pharma employee” but he does work as a Consultant for Purdue “on certain matters.”  His email address is [email protected] and his office sits in Purdue Pharma’s building.

Dr. Paul D. Goldenheim

Dr. Paul D. Goldenheim is now on the board of NeuroPhage board of directors.  …

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Surprising Ally in OxyContin Struggle: Eminem

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Eminem recently told Vibe magazine that some of the deaths that we have witnessed in recent months and years are due to irresponsible doctors prescribing drugs to celebrity patients.

Here at StopOxy we know that Eminem has a dubious history of singing about drugs in a glorified way but his latest statements make us believe he might be able to raise awareness about the dangers of drugs.

We have recently  seen Michael Jackson’s death as an overdose of sleeping pills (and he was a documented addict of drugs like Vicodin and Xanax). And more recently Brittany Murphy’s (Eminem’s co-star in 8 Mile) sudden death was officially listed as pneumonia but she had been using drugs like Vicodin and Klonopin.  Of course, Anna Nicole Smiths overdose a few years back still dominates tabloid news.

Not Just Celebrity Doctors Have Motivation to

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Treatment Admissions for Painkillers is Up 400%

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Admissions to Substance Abuse Treatment for Prescription Painkillers Increases 400%

An increase in the misuse of prescription painkillers has led to a dramatic increase in the number of admissions for substance abuse treatment due to abuse of the drugs.

The proportion of all substance abuse treatment admissions involving abuse of prescription painkillers increased by more than 400 percent between 1998 and 2008, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Admissions to a substance abuse treatment facility increased from 2.2 percent in 1998 to 9.8 percent in 2008, according to SAMHSA. Increases in admissions associated with abuse of painkillers were found among all segments of the population, regardless of gender, age, race, educational level and employment status. The study determined the following about admissions due to prescription painkiller abuse:

  • Men: The proportion of admissions to treatment
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Drugs at High Schools: More Pills Than Ever

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Drugs at High Schools: More Pills Than Ever

We’ve been reporting frequently on the disturbing trend of prescription drugs becoming more and more the drugs of choice on college campuses.

Abuse of any prescription drug is potentially deadly and any prescription drug use can be habit forming.  Opiate drugs like OxyContin and Vicodin carry with them a particularly high risk of building tolerance in the individual leading to physical and mental addiction.  Also, the similarity in sensation of narcotic opiate painkillers is  identical to another well known opiate – heroin.  The evolution from Oxy addiction to heroin addiction and eventual overdose has been the main catalyst driving policy makers to re-think the legality of OxyContin.

A recent study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention that was conducted in the second half of 2009 and released last month in …

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Featured Facility: Pat Moore Foundation

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I just spent some time having an enlightening conversation with Bruce Levinson who is the the Admissions Director for Pat Moore Foundation.

Pat Moore Foundation is a highly regarded treatment center that combines a few critical pieces of the treatment puzzle to be effective in helping men and women start the recovery journey:

a) Safe, Medically Assisted Detox

Being clinically safe when you are detoxifying from drugs is a “no brainer.” Quality detox facilities monitor the patient and administer medication (in safe amounts) to reduce discomfort and aid with sleeping.

b)12-Step Based Philosophy

The 12-Step component can sometimes make people skeptical – especially those who are suffering from the disease of addiction and who have their brain’s survival instinct causing them to find reasons to resist treatment.  However, statistics and the history of treating addiction have shown that investment in …

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