Drugs at High Schools: More Pills Than Ever

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Drugs at High Schools: More Pills Than Ever

We’ve been reporting frequently on the disturbing trend of prescription drugs becoming more and more the drugs of choice on college campuses.

Abuse of any prescription drug is potentially deadly and any prescription drug use can be habit forming.  Opiate drugs like OxyContin and Vicodin carry with them a particularly high risk of building tolerance in the individual leading to physical and mental addiction.  Also, the similarity in sensation of narcotic opiate painkillers is  identical to another well known opiate – heroin.  The evolution from Oxy addiction to heroin addiction and eventual overdose has been the main catalyst driving policy makers to re-think the legality of OxyContin.

A recent study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention that was conducted in the second half of 2009 and released last month in …

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Featured Facility: Pat Moore Foundation

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I just spent some time having an enlightening conversation with Bruce Levinson who is the the Admissions Director for Pat Moore Foundation.

Pat Moore Foundation is a highly regarded treatment center that combines a few critical pieces of the treatment puzzle to be effective in helping men and women start the recovery journey:

a) Safe, Medically Assisted Detox

Being clinically safe when you are detoxifying from drugs is a “no brainer.” Quality detox facilities monitor the patient and administer medication (in safe amounts) to reduce discomfort and aid with sleeping.

b)12-Step Based Philosophy

The 12-Step component can sometimes make people skeptical – especially those who are suffering from the disease of addiction and who have their brain’s survival instinct causing them to find reasons to resist treatment.  However, statistics and the history of treating addiction have shown that investment in …

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Afghanistan Positioned Perfectly to Fuel American Opiate Addiction Epidemic

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With news about General McChrystal’s recent firing due to insubordinate comments made against the Obama Administration, Afghanistan is at the top of the news yet again.

There were further comments released over the weekend by military brass that described the conflict in Afghanistan as one in which theUnited States doesn’t really have a clear path to victory.

A Different Kind of Threat from Afghanistan

The situation is not good there, but at home there’s a different epidemic that we’ve been writing about.  The epidemic of opiate addiction due to prescription drug abuse. The progression of OxyContin and Vicodin addicted men and women graduating from opiate pills to heroin continues to claim lives at an alarming rate.

A New Look at the Futility of the Drug War in Afghanistan

In an excellent article written by Alfred J. McCoy and published on …

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Children Addicted to Opiates-A Sad Situation in Afghanistan

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Those of us who are on the front lines of addiction treatment know that detoxification from opiates can be a grueling experience that is difficult to witness.  Imagine having to help a child under the age of 5 through such an ordeal.

A recent article on CNN.com shows us a tragic side effect of the global system of opiate addiction and supply that OxyContin acts as kind of a fuel for.

Of course, it is logical that the community where about 75% of the world’s heroin is manufactured is going to be hit hard by the phenomenon of opiate addiction.  This would be Afghanistan, where the poppies are grown, harvested, and processed into heroin.

The result is that the drug opium is widely available and abused.  Sadly, families become hooked on the sensation of smoking opium, and the addiction is …

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How to Safely Dispose of Prescription Medication

Unused or expired prescription or over-the-counter medications can stay in your medicine cabinet for years. If you have children at home, this can be risky. They may unknowingly take a high-potency pain medication thinking it would help their headache go away, or they may experiment with the prescription medication or offer them to friends.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to take stock of the prescription and over-the-counter medications that you have in your home. Make sure they are properly labeled and out of reach from children. If they are expired or you no longer need them, it’s a good idea to get them out of your house to reduce the risk of prescription drug misuse.
Instead of flushing your prescription medication down the drain, follow these guidelines for proper disposal of prescription and over-the-counter medications from the Office of …

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More on the OxyContinuum from Steve Bruno

The below is reprinted from Interventionist Steven Bruno’s newsletter.  He can be contacted by calling 800-880-0330 or visiting http://www.MoreThanHope.com

Why is it that almost all of my interventions these days seem to have to do with the pain-killer OxyContin? It didn’t used to be like this.

Take “Sandra” for example, (not her real name): she is 22 years old, from Washington state, and, until two years ago, was an honor student with bright blue eyes, shimmering hair framing rosy cheeks and a broad smile.  I got her into treatment this past week so hopefully that smile will return. But it’s gone now. Over the course of two short years she became depressed and isolated; a shadow that her own family barely recognized.  She dyed her hair black and smeared on heavy mascara and thick make-up to cover her acne scars.…
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Larry Golbom is a pharmacist who definitely understands the dynamics of the silent epidemic of prescription drug addiction in America.  “Larry G” hosts a radio show every Sunday night from 9-11 PM (EST) to make listeners aware of the dangers of drugs like OxyContin.  You can listen to the radio show and listen to the archives on PrescriptionAddictionRadio.com.

Larry G’s site has a wealth of information and links that will be enlightening to the individual who is suspicious about the legality of benefit of OxyContin.

I would highly recommended starting off by listening to “Oxycontin – Biggest medical hoax in last 100 years.” In this .mp3 download, Larry G draws a great parallel between Purdue Pharma’s promotion of OxyContin in the 1990s and Bayer’s promotion of   heroin in the 1890s.  Both companies profited by promoting these highly addictive substances with …

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OxyContin: ‘A Rocket Ship to Heroin

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I just wanted to post a shout out to the Cape Cod Times which published an article with the most accurate title that describes the relationship between OxyContin and heroin I have ever read.

OxyContin: ‘A Rocket Ship to Heroin’

Click above to read the article. Some highlights:

OxyContin has become so widely abused that the addiction rate for the drug in Massachusetts increased by 950 percent over the past 10 years, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

“OxyContin is not just a gateway to heroin, it’s a rocket ship to heroin,” Tolman said.

More people have also been dying from overdosing on heroin and OxyContin. Between 2002 and 2007, 3,265 people in Massachusetts died of opiate-related overdoses, officials said. By comparison, Massachusetts lost 78 soldiers in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq during that time.

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Massachusetts Government Battles the OxyContin Epidemic

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U.S. Congressman Bill Delahunt held a meeting earlier this month to address the related issues prescription drug abuse and heroin overdose.  Unless you are a first time visitor to our blog, then you will be familiar with our take on the connection between OxyContin and heroin overdose.

We’ve written at length about how the epidemic of heroin addiction and overdose is closely related to the abuse of prescription drugs like OxyContin.  The State of Massachusetts recently released a report that stated “The Commonwealth is in the midst of a serious and dangerous epidemic.” This same report pointed out that between 2002 and 2007, 78 citizens of Massachusetts lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan while 3,265 citizens died from drug related causes.

Representative Delahunt headed up a committee on April 12th to try and brainstorm solutions to this …

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