OxyContin Recovery and Following the Trail of Money

As we have written about in detail for the life of this blog, OxyContin ruins the lives of many Americans each year.  This comes as no surprise, as the main ingredient in the narcotic painkiller gives the same euphoria as heroin.

Punishing the Doctor

One Manitoba doctor lost his job as a result of prescribing OxyContin irresponsibly.  Now he is back on the job, which raises concerns, according to a recent report by the Edmonton Journal (an online publication of the Winnipeg Press). Dr. Anthony Hlynka, the prescribing doctor, was also reported to have prescribed Percocet, paying little regard to the dangers of this substance and OxyContin.

OxyContin is a Gateway to Heroin

Following the Trail of Money

The continued legality of OxyContin is a cause for major concern.  You can find many websites that detail the drug and tell you how to get a prescription for it.  And so, this again raises the question we would like our readers to ponder:

Are doctors and drug regulators really doing what they’re supposed to, or do they do they prescribe OxyContin just to make money?

The answer to this question is probably not a simple “black and white” answer, but there is certainly great evidence of the damaging effects of the drug (just peruse this website).   Doctors make money every time they prescribe a new or emerging drug.  Obviously, the manufacturers of OxyContin have made incredible profits from it.  The resulting addiction to OxyContin that has had such a major effect on so many families doesn’t seem to affect the bottom line of these doctors and prescription drug manufactures.

Treatment and a Sober Lifestyle
Those who used to abuse OxyConton may find it impossible to resist taking it without getting treatment and changing their entire lifestyle. The intense high dulls over time into “just feeling normal” (if you ask most users), while simultaneously the withdrawal effects of not having the drug worsen into unbearable torture.

Part of the education process in treating OxyContin addiction is explaining the side effects of OxyContin. OxyContin can

  • cause seizures
  • heart problems
  • intense sleepiness
  • be potentially fatal in large doses

In short, once you have removed the drug from your system, the mental and physical dependence that has grown can make you feel like the OxyContin is still controlling your life.  Even one use will  cause most users to relapse into full blown addiction.

To avoid relapsing, a recovering Oxy abuser needs to join a 12-step community to get ongoing support from others who have faced the same demons.  There are also a lot of studies that indicate that treatment works and longer treatment leads to better outcomes.  Contact an addiction treatment facility immediately if you or a loved one is becoming dependent on OxyContin.  The drug can cause fatal overdose upon each use, so it is important to do this before it is too late.