Today is International Drug Overdose Awareness Day

We love to see the Salvation Army starting an International Overdose Awareness Day.

This day is not so much about specifically OxyContin overdose (or the heroin that many users of Oxys end up abusing), but just overdoses in general.

This site was started due to the overdoses we witnessed.  If it were not for the grief that we witnessed from the families and friends of those who became ensnared in opiate addiction, we would not have been compelled enough to undertake this.

The Salvation Army has a touching page of tributes which are moving to read.  I don’t see anywhere to add them.  Since this site is inundated with spam comments I recommend leaving a tribute (should you feel the need to) on this treatment center blog article about Awareness Day.

Today we would like to take this opportunity to reach out to those who are still alive.  If you are addicted or know someone who is, then this is your chance.  Take action. Get help. Pick up the phone and make that call.

Addiction to drugs like OxyContin is serious and potentially fatal upon every use.  The wreckage that Oxy and heroin have left in their wake in recent years is unfathomable.

If you read this blog because you are fighting the good fight against addiction and promoting recovery, then we applaud you.  Redouble your efforts and let’s keep raising awareness about drug addiction and possible recovery.