Featured Facility: Pat Moore Foundation

I just spent some time having an enlightening conversation with Bruce Levinson who is the the Admissions Director for Pat Moore Foundation.

Pat Moore Foundation is a highly regarded treatment center that combines a few critical pieces of the treatment puzzle to be effective in helping men and women start the recovery journey:

a) Safe, Medically Assisted Detox

Being clinically safe when you are detoxifying from drugs is a “no brainer.” Quality detox facilities monitor the patient and administer medication (in safe amounts) to reduce discomfort and aid with sleeping.

b)12-Step Based Philosophy

The 12-Step component can sometimes make people skeptical – especially those who are suffering from the disease of addiction and who have their brain’s survival instinct causing them to find reasons to resist treatment.  However, statistics and the history of treating addiction have shown that investment in Alcoholics Anonymous or a similar program provides a great support system and fellowship that is global (and free).

c) Therapeutic Processes to Identify Underlying Issues

The detoxification stage is a great time to start educating the recovering person about relapse prevention and identifying triggers.  Also, therapeutic counseling helps the recovering person work through underlying issues that may complicate their recovery.

If you are trying to help a loved one who is addicted to OxyContin (or any other drug requiring detox), it is very important to ask the detox facility if they include all of the above facets.

Follow the links to  find out more about Pat Moore’s Drug Detox and Drug Treatment Program.