Doda (or Dode) – Addictive Opiate is Sold in Teas

We have yet another substance to fear  – Doda.  Doda is an opiate that is made by crushing up poppies and is sold as a tea primarily in Asian Communities.

We know how harmless experimentation with OxyContin often leads to heroin addiction and overdose… now we have yet another “harmless substance” (tea) that will no doubt ensnare some users to become dependent enough to seek out harder drugs  like OxyContin and heroin.

The drug is sold in retail outlets in Canada and is popular in the Asian community.  Officials are concerned that users are not aware that what they are consuming is illegal and addictive.

The police have begun to crack down on Doda.  We learned about this new opiate by reading this article  from a treatment center for doda (and other opiates).