Billboard of the Day

Someday, it will all just be a memory.

This billboard speaks for itself and the messag it carries is being echoed far and wide.  OxyContin (and other prescription medications) are addictive and deadly. It is through grass roots actions like this that the hearts and minds of Americans are being won over and the perception of OxyContin is changing to reflect more accurately how addictive and deadly the drug is.

The tide is turning as new actions develop. Some examples:

– CVS Announces it is blacklisting inordinate prescribers of narcotic painkillers (in Florida)

– Doctors in Florida are facing  increasing punishment for unethical prescribing behavior

– There is a powerful “grass roots” movement to raise awareness about OxyContin

– Pharmaceutical Executives are being punished for irresponsibly unleashing this drug on the populace

– Shocking (and often deadly) pharmacy robberies are occurring more and more frequently

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