New Articles Highlight the Deadly Rise of OxyContin in NorCal

We just were scanning the news for the latest on the OxyContin epidemic in the United States and we saw two separate articles that:

  • have very similar story lines
  • were published almost simultaneously(one day apart)
  • occur in Northern California
  • focus on the misconception that “legal” drugs are not deadly

OxyContin: a Silent Growing Problem Among Youths

This story,  from the Contra Costa Times, shows a tragic tale of a young man who took an overdose of OxyContin while on campus at Arizona State University.

In Northern California, middle and upper class neighborhoods are particularly prone to OxyContin and other prescription drug addiction because “access to medical care may be greater, and acceptance of hard street drugs lower.”

Teens, Young Adults Abuse OxyContin in Northern California

This story also focuses on the “generation of kids that said ‘no’ to marijuana and heroin.” Unfortunately, in the words of Jin Tanaka, “We didn’t teach them about prescription medications like OxyContin.”

The false sense of security that comes from taking a drug that is prescribed by a doctor (even if it is prescribed to someone else) makes young people tempted to feel the drug’s effects.

Drug rehabs and treatment clinics in Northern California are seeing a drastic increase in

a) younger people needing treatment

b)OxyContin being the drug of choice for these younger people

“Before it’s Too Late”

If you read this touching follow up from England, you will be reminded why we want to talked to our loved ones about their drug use before it’s too late:

Parents Comforted by Tributes