Antiopes – “Quit Oxy Without Withdrawal Symptoms”

Today we read the Press Release on SFGate by the makers of Antiopes.  We would definitely love to see a drug emerge that could help you “Quit Painkiller Addiction with no Withdrawal Symptoms” (actual quote) but we have our doubts.

Antiopes is a medicine that seems to be mainly OTC herbs that will supposedly reduce discomfort during the detoxification period.  We are not sure what to make of such “pie in the sky” claims, and will defer to the community of recovering opiate addicts to weigh in on Antiopes and how it served them.

One thing that is for sure, considering the amount of pain and suffering that is being caused by opiate addiction today, it would certainly seem to open the door for some unscrupulous businessmen to profit off of the pain of others by promising “a pain free detox from OxyContin.”

There is a treatment center looking for Antiopes user reviews and we eill be keeping an eye on the ongoing conversation over there.