Addiction Professional’s Take on the Silent Epidemic

OxyContin – A Gradual Trap

Our addiction counselor Tif B had the below to say about this excellent article on

“This is a subject that needs to have this kind of discussion and exposure. The increase in prescription drug addiction has been steadily increasing for several years. There is also a perception by the general public, that because it is “prescribed” and is legal, there is not a danger of addiction.

Once addicted to the pain killers, the person will “create” pains and see their doctors more often, for further prescriptions. Most doctors will question or refuse to prescribe more. The person who is addicted will then get creative and either buys them in the streets or go “doctor shopping”. “Doctor shopping” is the process of the person going from doctor to doctor, until they get a doctor that will prescribe what they want. Some of these people, who have become addicted, will have several doctors they will shop. They will also use several different pharmacies, as to not be detected.

One of the sad side effects of the adult becoming addicted to these legally prescribed drugs is that there are young people who will go through their parents medicine cabinets in search of these kinds of drugs so they can go “party”. At these parties, everyone brings what ever they can get a hold of and bring them to the party and then put what they have into a large fish bowl, then the other people at the party just start taking what ever they pull out of the fish bowl just to get high. These parties are sometimes called “skittles” parties, because of all the different colors of the pills/drugs in the bowl.

The danger of serious injury or even death is quite obvious.”

Tif B